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2024 03 07

Our aim is to offer our customers not only good value for money and attractive quality window covering solutions, but also to focus on innovation. We invest in technology that delights with longer-lasting and easy-to-use window coverings that not only decorate homes, but also commercial and other premises.

We currently boast three new products that can become part of your facility's windows.

SLIM pleated blinds

This is the perfect choice for those who want to add more grace to their windows. This pleated blind system (code SL 241) features an extremely narrow profile with a depth of just 16 mm. Designed with modern interiors in mind, it is the perfect choice for those who prefer minimalism.

The thickness of the blind is only 16 mm. Being so thin, they are also very compact and easy to fit into any interior. Compatible with triple glazing, they can also be hung on HST and HS type windows which are sliding. The perfect choice not only for decorating windows in rooms, but also for balconies and terraces.

An additional advantage of these blinds is adjustable lighting. Create the desired atmosphere in a specific room with the help of blinds alone.

An additional advantage of these pleated blinds (compared to other models of pleated blinds) is that they do not have protruding handles. However, you can easily fix both the top and the bottom of the blinds, so controlling the intensity of the light entering the room is very simple.

We offer a very wide selection of this type of blind. From brighter ones, which look most tasteful in modern homes, to darker, pastel shades, which are more common in classic or Scandinavian-style homes.

Pleated nets

For cosy, attractive terraces and functional homes, pleated nets are worthy of attention. They are the ideal choice when you want to prevent insects from entering your home without disrupting the interior. The highly detailed yet attractive structure of the mesh will also help protect against pollen, which can cause allergies. Many people want to open their windows wide in spring, but it's unpleasant to have all sorts of pollen coming indoors. So fighting them can be not only easy, but also stylish.

At Solemlux, you'll also find nets in different colours that are easy and simple to match to your home interior.

The most important parameters of pleated nets are:

  • Suitable for terraces and balconies.

  • Fits any type of door or window.

  • The grids are made of high quality material, which guarantees the durability of the product.

  • The grids themselves are of a minimal design and the system does not take up much space.

  • The grids do not restrict air circulation, so you can always enjoy fresh air.

Pleated mesh is the perfect combination of style and comfort that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding needs.

Electric cornices

Our aim is not only to decorate your home, but also to make it more functional. One of these little things that improve everyday life is electric curtains. These are the perfect choice not only for the home, but also for hotels, offices - anywhere. It is a system that will optimise the arrival and closing of curtains, making them quicker and easier.

Paveikslėlis, kuriame yra antena, lempa, šviestuvas

Automatiškai sugeneruotas aprašymas

Modern curtain rods are not only functional but also stylish. The elegant cornice is fixed to the wall or ceiling. The system is powered by an electric motor, which is minimal and therefore almost invisible. The curtain rods are operated by remote control, so you can open or close the curtains from the comfort of your bed.

The most important parameters of the curtain:

  • Rail length: up to 5.8 metres.

  • Control method: remote control.

  • Motor mounting options: right side.

  • Acoustics: the motor operation of the curtain rod system is silent, ensuring that the curtains move quietly and without being noticed.

  • Load capacity: the electric curtain rods can easily support a weight of up to 35 kg.

Paveikslėlis, kuriame yra dangus, nuotolinis, valdiklis, asmuo

Automatiškai sugeneruotas aprašymas

Electric curtain rods may be simple, but they are also an important piece of equipment that can help make life not only more comfortable, but also more functional and stylish.

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