Horizontal blinds

Different shades and patterns make it possible to use these blinds in various interiors. In workrooms and offices, customers usually choose white or gray blinds or their shades. Combining with other interior details, you can get a luxurious looking interior.

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Horizontal blinds

These blinds are made of aluminum, making it a durable product. We allow you to choose between 16 and 25 mm wide aluminum strips. Aluminum ensures that the blinds will be corrosion resistant and will last a long time. Therefore, this type of blinds can be installed in rooms with higher humidity levels.

The blinds we produce are covered with a special coating protecting the blinds from fading year after year and does not attract dust. We have a large selection of colors, shades of gray and white, wood imitation patterns are the most popular among them.


Horizontal blinds have an extremely simple control mechanism. These are controlled by a cord, rod or handle. You can mount the control mechanism on the left or right side of the window. Thanks to this control, the horizontal blinds can be easily raised and lowered, locked at the required height.

These high-quality blinds ensure maximum control of the amount of light. Thanks to the adjustable aluminum strips, you can let in the desired amount of light into the premises. With these blinds, even in the sun, you can use a computer, watch TV or use other electronic devices with a screen in every room.

Aluminum strips of different sizes will help to create two different shades of light in the room. Smaller 16mm strips will create pastel, slightly darker shades, while 25mm wide strips will produce a lighter shade.

At the same time, you will maintain the desired privacy. Both width strips provide maximum protection from unwanted glances. And at the same time, sunlight will enter the room.


These blinds require extremely little maintenance. Due to their exceptional manufacturing process and materials, the blinds are extremely durable and do not attract dust. Aluminum strips will ensure a simple and easy cleaning process. Horizontal blinds can be cleaned in all the usual ways: with a damp or dry cloth, a vacuum cleaner, a sponge, etc.

Compared to fabric blinds or vertical blinds, this is probably the least maintenance-intensive solution.

Traditional horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds can be installed between the glass, on the ceiling, window frame or wall. A wide selection of fasteners and control mechanisms allows these blinds to be adapted to all types and shapes of windows.

All horizontal blinds manufactured by SOLEMLUX are of high quality and meet the highest standards. We produce according to your individual needs! Therefore, all blinds will match the size of your window frame.

What makes horizontal blinds unique?
• Easy to fit on wooden, plastic or aluminum profile windows
• Applied on non-standard shaped windows
• Remains close to the glass in at least one position of the window
• Serves for a long time
• Simple control mechanism
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Moisture resistant
• It is not difficult to choose the desired amount of light in the room
• Easy installation

Because of these features blinds are popular and beloved. Thanks to the aesthetic appearance, it is applied not only in work spaces, but also in the home environment. At home, horizontal blinds are easily combined with curtains.

SOLEMLUX horizontal blinds are a classic part of home decor. These blinds will make it possible to renovate the interior without incurring extremely high financial costs.

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