Roller nets

Roller insect screens are superior to other alternatives. Roller insect screens are easier to attach, but they do not fold, so it is advisable to remove them during the winter, which is inconvenient, because they take up a lot of space. The roller insect screens can be folded at any moment when they are not used.
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Roller insect screen
Roller insect screens are protection with a modern design and exceptional practicality. These blinds can be adapted for both windows and doors. They are mounted on the window or door frame from the outside. Their fabric is convenient to control, easily wraps into a compact cassette, which is installed at the top, on the outside of the window. The design of the cassette merges with the window, making it almost invisible and taking up very little space.
Additional protection
Roller insect screens will not only protect you from the insects, such as: flies, mosquitoes or bees, but will also help to trap wind-blown fluff or pollen. This is especially true for people who are sensitive and suffer from allergies. If you live near a forest or a park, the amount of dust and pollen in the premises will be reduced and leaves or flowers falling from the wind blow will no longer enter the house. You will be able to enjoy the fresh morning, evening or night weather without any interruptions.
Roller insect screens and their fabrics

We give you a choice of three types of roller insect screens. They have different properties.

Screen from Insects is a standard screen that does not stand out with any special properties; it is only protecting even the smallest insects. It minimally helps protecting against dust and pollen, as well as wind-worn down or leaves.

The antiallergic insect screen is made from very dense fabric, little easier to notice, but ideally protects from causing allergies plant pollen. At the same time, it helps to reduce the amount of dust in the room without affecting the normal air circulation at all.

The "invisible roller insect screen" is like the standard insect screen protecting against small insects. It will not protect against dust or pollen, but will perfectly protect against sow thistle fuzz or wind-borne leaves. Made of carbon fiber, its threads are extremely thin and strong, making them difficult to see from a distance. This screen hardly blocks the flow of light, so the rooms will remain bright and the view outside the window will be bright.

If necessary, the roller insect screens can be additionally sealed at the sides to prevent insects, ants, etc. from passing through the gaps in the frame.

Not just for home
Roller insect screens are most commonly seen in home environments, farmsteads or terraces. However, they are also a popular choice for businesses. They are especially popular with restaurants, cafe grocery stores and other food industries. They ideally protect the premises from unwanted mosquitoes, flies, bees and other insects, while ensuring unchanged air circulation.
Why roller insect screens from "Solemlux"?
• Protects even from the smallest insects
• Roller insect screens can be removed all year round
• You can choose from a variety of screen colors
• The roller insect screens are resistant to moisture, wind and sunlight
• Convenient control mechanism
• Made of the highest quality materials

Are you looking for a solution that provides maximum protection against insects at home, in the countryside or on company premises? Our roller insect screens will ensure that even the smallest insects do not enter the house. Contact us now and we will advise you. We will help you decide which mesh roller blinds will best ensure your quiet and cozy rest, enjoying the fresh air on summer evenings.

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