Photo blinds


Photo blinds
We strive to make your home stylish and exclusive. That's why our photo blinds stand out for the quality of their fabrics and the abundance of choice. We have selected hundreds of graphic ideas that are ideal for roller blinds to make each of our customers happy and satisfied.
Original and practical

It all depends on your desires and aspirations. Maybe you’re looking for inspiration in everyday activities, or maybe you want to see a cute and important image? Photo blinds give you the opportunity to implement all your ideas.

You can use these blinds for other purposes. Thanks to the simple mounting mechanism, they can be mounted on the window frame, wall or ceiling. Therefore, these photo blinds are perfect for separating different spaces indoors or as a detail of wall decor.

Despite all these advantages, photo blinds will perform all the functions necessary for conventional blinds. It will protect you from direct sunlight, provide privacy and prevent the premises from overheating.

Photo blinds for advertising
This is a great way to advertise! We can put at least any graphic element on the roller blind fabric. Photo blinds can be with your company logo, advertising slogan or other attributes. Therefore, expanded blinds will become one of the cheapest ways of advertising.

Also, it can be an interior detail that is meant for advertising. We can attach these blinds to the wall or ceiling, so it is an ideal place for an advertising slogan or your company logo that will be noticed by future customers or company guests. This is a convenient and financially attractive idea, as the location of the roller blind can be easily changed.

Fabric selection

From color to completely colorless, from flowers to architecture, these are just a few of the choices that photo blinds have. You’ll find hundreds of different photos, pictures, drawings, or illustrations. This wide selection will allow you to discover the perfect fabric for roller blinds.

Also, you can choose from fabrics with different properties. It can be a standard, BLACK OUT or fabric that reflects sunlight and heat.

Photo blinds with BLACK OUT fabric completely opaque to sunlight, so even on a sunny day the room can become blindly dark.

A fabric that reflects sunlight and heat keeps ultraviolet rays that are harmful to your health by up to 90% and reduces indoor heating by up to 85%. At the same time it is transparent from the inside, but not visible from the inside of the premises. It also eliminates sun reflections on TVs, computers or other screens, so you can work or play computer games without interruption.

Photo blinds with standard fabric, depending on the thickness, color and density of the fabric, will retain different amounts of light. Rare materials and brighter colors will let in more sunlight, so the rooms will be bright enough. Dense and darker material will let in less sunlight, so the premises will be much darker.

Why photo blinds from "Solemlux"?
• Suitable for various window sizes
• The highest quality materials
• Extremely attractive price
• Effective sun protection
• A great alternative to curtains
• Takes up almost no extra space
• Great choice for those looking for original ideas

SOLEMLUX photo blinds are made of high quality, durable materials, so they will serve you for many years. If you are looking for exclusive window covering solutions not seen anywhere else, get in touch and we will definitely help you.

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