Roller blinds for roof windows

Roller blinds for skylights consist of a system that works with high quality on sloping windows. Roller blinds for skylights are usually installed on the upper floors or in the attics of private homes. These blinds are made of special, high-quality material that is resistant to sunlight, do not fade, and do not change shapes over time. Therefore, it is extremely easy to maintain and clean.

Roller blinds for skylights
Roller blinds for skylights are attached to the sunroof frame. Like conventional roller blinds, the fabrics roll on a shaft that can be hidden in a special cassette. This way, you will additionally protect the roller blind fabric from dust and get an aesthetic look. The blinds with the cassettes merge with the entire window frame, making them almost invisible. Thanks to a special control system, the roller blind fabric always stays close to the glass and moves together with the entire glass frame. Therefore, you can make full use of the skylight, use it or open it fully.
Especially for your attic

Many of us want to spend as much time as possible in our attic or penthouse. These are spaces with an exclusive atmosphere where we can relax and spent time with friends or just work. You can see at least a few, and in some places more, skylights in almost every attic. They ensure natural sunlight in the room.

However, realizing that too much direct sunlight enters through these skylights, which heats the room and makes it impossible to stay in it , mostly people begin to regret this decision and think about the process how to protect them. The most convenient way is roller blinds for skylights. Our wide selection of fabrics and their patterns will not only provide sun protection, but also complement your interior.

Roller blinds for skylights with a special fabric

We recommend choosing from the following three fabrics with different properties: BLACK OUT, SCREEN or fabrics that reflect sunlight and heat.

BLACK OUT fabric blindly darkens the premises, blocks 100% of light flow, and also protects from heat.

SCREEN fabric is material made by special technology that is partially transparent, transmits sunlight, but at the same time eliminates all reflections on the screens of the devices. As a result, the sun will no longer interfere with enjoying TV, playing, or working on a computer.

The fabric reflecting sunlight and heat is the choice No. 1! The highest standards meeting material will protect you from direct sunlight and room heating. It is completely opaque from the outside, and you can clearly see the image outside the window from the inside.

A wide range of fabrics for covering windows will ensure that everyone can find the best option. Roller shutters for skylights from „ SOLEMLUX“ are an economical and practical solution that will give the premises an exceptional look and comfort.

Why blinds for skylights from "Solemlux"?
• Protects from heat and sunlight
• Suitable for all types of windows
• Easy to operate, even for hard-to-reach skylights
• Wide selection of colors and fabrics
• Easy installation
• Made of high quality materials
• Durable product

Roller blinds for skylights are an effective and popular means of providing protection from direct sunlight and heat. On hot summer days it will not allow the premises to heat up, and in winter it will retain the heat. And of course, they will give your home interior a new, unique and cozy look.

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