Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are strips of equal width, hanging on a horizontal rail. It is one of the most popular and modern blinds. Thanks to the extremely wide selection of colors and patterns, they are easy to adapt to any interior. These SOLEMLUX vertical blinds will create a modern, contemporary and cozy look.

Vertical blinds

They are mostly used in offices, but it is really easy to adapt to other purposes. These blinds are most often chosen by those who like reliability and functionality. Vertical blinds can replace both day and night curtains, and will create an impression of modernity and innovation in the room.

Vertical blinds are durable and long lasting. The strips of these blinds do not change shape even at high temperatures, are not afraid of moisture, do not attract dust. They are very easy to maintain and clean, do not absorb odors.


Vertical blinds are controlled by a cord and chain. Pulling the cord will change the position of the blind strips. You can pull them left or right, or from the middle to the edges. With the help of a chain you can adjust the angle of rotation of the strip. The strips rotate 180 degrees.

This control principle makes it possible to control the flow of light not only by opening or closing the blinds in a horizontal position, but also by changing the angle of the strips vertically. Thanks to this control, you will be able to easily obtain the desired lighting in the premises, protect yourself from direct sunlight and at the same time maintain privacy.

Vertical blinds are easy to apply
Vertical blinds are easy to apply to various shapes of windows. These can be trapezoidal, triangular or windows with a non-horizontal top. The system of horizontal rails allows adjusting the blinds for extremely high and wide windows. The width of a single blind is up to 3.5 meters, but keep in mind that it is possible to place an unlimited number of blinds next to each other, just each will have a separate control mechanism.
Wide selection of blinds strips

Vertical blinds have an extremely wide choice of colors, patterns and materials. In our store, you can choose from just over 180 different colors, shades and patterns.

Also, you can choose from two types of straps: textile and plastic. Textile straps are designed more to create an impression of coziness; transmit a little more sunlight and heat. Plastic straps can provide complete protection from the sun and heat.

Vertical blind straps are produced in 89 mm and 127 mm width. This gives you even more freedom for your interior ideas and future plans. We advise you to choose according to the size of the window and the premises. For small standard-sized windows, look nicer narrow strips 89 mm wide, but always consider your wishes and needs.

Non-standard use

Vertical blinds are used not just for covering windows. With the help of these blinds, it is easy to distinguish two different room spaces. Sometimes, a room temporarily needs two separate spaces. This could be hospital premises, children’s play and sleeping area, or just to separate the space for other reasons.

All these solutions are easy to implement using vertical blinds. Due to the extremely simple mounting system, they can be mounted directly on the ceiling.

Vertical blinds are also suitable for those looking for a non-standard interior solution. Thanks to the exclusive horizontal rail control mechanism, you can hang blind straps of different colors on one rail. It can be a change of color tones, completely different color bars or at least some other patterns, it all depends on your imagination.

Why vertical blinds from Solemlux

Wide selection of colors, shades, patterns

Choice between plastic and textile tapes

Choice of 89 mm and 127 mm blind strap widths

Suitable for large non-standard size windows

High quality materials

Easy installation

Easy to maintain

Not afraid of moisture

It is easy to extract the desired amount of light in the room

It is because of these exceptional features that these blinds are used in both offices and home environments. These types of blinds in offices become a practical solution creating coziness and a quiet environment. A wide selection of fabrics, colors and strap widths will help creating an exclusive, cozy and quiet environment in your home.

High quality textile fabric is characterized by durability, non-fading color. If you want to protect yourself from heat and sunlight, we advise you to choose specially made blinds. They are fully reflective of sunlight, making them virtually impervious to heat, protecting furniture and home furnishings from color fading.

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