Roller blinds Blackout

Renew your home or workplace with a functional and dynamic interior element. BLACKOUT Blinds is a universal choice for people who value functionality and convenience. The appearance and decoration of the window is a very important accent of your interior, which can give the visual space extra space, playfulness or add good and warm emotions.
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Blackout roller blinds - completely darkening the room
The outer side of these blinds can be covered with a special coating that reflects the light emitted by the sun, if the customer so wishes. As a result, the room remains cool, pleasant temperature even on a hot day. Therefore, these BLACKOUT roller blinds are a functional and practical choice if your premises are hot and you feel discomfort as a result.
Blackout roller blinds - a great interior decoration
Just think before choosing roller blinds. What will be their function? Hide from the eyes of passers-by, create an original, just classic-style look, or perhaps quite the opposite, to create a fun and playful atmosphere in the room? Thanks to the wide selection of fabric colors and patterns, the BLACKOUT roller blinds are suitable for all ideas.

The most important thing is not to forget to combine roller blinds with the interior and style of the room. Try to create a unique, eye-pleasing home image that will be fun and cozy to spend time with family or friends.


The BLACKOUT blinds have a standard control system. Operation is straightforward and easy to understand. Pulling the chain to one side will raise the blinds up, to the other side they will lower down by covering the window. You can lock the blinds in any position, so you can let in the amount of light you need.

SOLEMLUX does not forget your little children either. We realize that it is not always possible to control and notice where the little one has run. For young children, a regular roller blind chain is very dangerous. We recommend that you do not place chests of drawers, tables and other low furniture near the roller chain. A child can get caught up in this chain, and then the disaster can happen.

To avoid all this, we have two safe options. If, however, you decide to install BLACKOUT roller shutters with chain control, we offer an additional lock that will prevent the chain from simply hanging in the air and is safe for children.

Automatic control is the next way. In our opinion, this is not only the safest, but at the same time the most convenient control of BLACKOUT roller blinds. Without getting out of bed, you can quickly hide the morning sun thanks to the remote control. No chains or cords in the control system and this will ensure the safety of your children.

Installation of blackout roller blinds

These blinds, like the classic ones, are attached to the window frame. The thin cloth is twisted onto a tube attached to the top, and this is hidden in the cassette. The color range of the cassette is exceptionally wide, so you can match the blinds to each window frame.

Special guides are mounted together with the roller blind. They ensure that the roller blind fabric is always close to the window. Even on windy days, when you open the window, the fabric will stick to the glass.

The biggest advantage is that such a system takes up very little space. The windowsill will remain free, so you can continue to store flowers or other interior elements

Why choose blackout roller blinds?
• Completely opaque to light
• The room stays cool even on a hot day
• Suitable for bedroom or children's rooms
• Convenient operation
• Safe for children
• Wide selection of fabrics and colors
• Easy maintenance and cleaning

The BLACKOUT blinds are a popular choice due to their exceptional properties of darkening windows and not missing light. We guarantee that all BLACKOUT blinds are made only of quality materials. All our fabrics are impregnated. Therefore, they are not afraid of moisture, retain their shape and do not fade. Also, these fabrics do not attract and collect as much dust compared to conventional curtains.

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