Roller blinds

Roller blind Standart
Are you looking for an inexpensive yet functional and practical way to cover windows and would like to hide from sunlight or have a little more privacy? Classic blinds are just for you! As a detail of window covering and interior, they are the most popular choice not only at home but also in various offices or offices.

Price from 11.58 €*

*Note: Depends on width, chosen mechanism and fabric

Roller blinds for ceiling windows

Perhaps many of us have experienced that indescribable feeling when you can watch floating clouds or brightly shining stars through a window above the head and wake up in the morning from the gentle, golden rays of the sun. The situation changes dramatically during the day time. The skylight is no longer a fun attraction but it becomes a frustrating headache. Thanks to them, the premises become very hot when the sun rises higher and it is difficult to hide from direct sunlight.

 Price from: 33.31 €*

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

Roller blinds with cassette

Roller blinds for plastic windows, also known as cassette blinds. They will provide an opportunity to quickly and easily update the interior of the premises. They are valued not only for their functionality, but also for their aesthetic, almost imperceptible control system.

Price from 18.83 €

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

The blinds, controlled from the bottom up
Do you live on the lower floor of an apartment building or in your own home? Simple blinds don’t satisfy you because exposing them allows everyone to see the inside of your home and you lack privacy. We understand that this can make you feel uncomfortable or even unsafe; you may not be able to relax and unwind.

Price from 28.67 €*

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

Thermal blackout roller blinds
Each of us dreams of creating a beautiful and cozy home or work environment where we want to feel comfortable. Many new apartments and offices are built with huge shop windows, and sometimes, even the entire wall is represented by a window. It is an attractive and seductive choice, seeing the beautiful natural or urban landscapes through such windows; many want to stay in these premises.

Price from 43.44 €*

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

Photo blinds
Let free your imagination and ideas! Photo blinds are a great way to create an exclusive interior where you can express your creative thoughts or inspiring visions. This is a popular technology during which we will transfer your chosen illustration, photo, drawing or at least some other graphic element on a high quality fabric. If you do not have your own idea, you can choose from our ready-made photo blinds, which stand out for their unique looks, playfulness and originality.

Price from 34.75 €*

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

Roller blinds Mini
Roller blinds have the mechanism that can be attached to a window frame, wall, or even ceiling. At the top of the mechanism, there is a tube on which the roller blind fabric is wound. This fabric can be lowered and lifted, controlled by a chain. Roller blinds mini can be mounted with transparent threads on the sides. This helps keep the fabric close to the window, even on a windy day.

Price from 10.14 €*

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

Sunshade roller blinds

If you are annoyed by bright sunlight every day, it is a serious problem not only for a comfortable rest at home, but also for quality computer work. Innovative technological solution sunshade roller blinds with SCREEN material. The special, grid-like SCREEN material retains and reflects up to 97% of direct sunlight, but at the same time - ensures light transmission.

Price from 43.44 €*

*Price depends on widht, chosen fabric and mechanism

Roller blinds Blackout

BLACKOUT blinds are made of a special fabric that 100% retains light transmission, the premise becomes blindly dark. These roller blinds are a great choice for people who work night work while sleeping is a must during the day. It is also ideal for children's or bedroom rooms, conference rooms, photo studios or hotels.

Price from 47.19 €*

*Note: Depends on width, chosen mechanism and fabric

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