Roller blinds Day - Night

Roller blinds Day - Night will not only protect you from direct sunlight, but will also help protect you from unwanted glances, ensuring your privacy. A wide choice of colors, patterns and strip widths will allow you to create the desired look of your home interior. These blinds are a popular choice for both modern and classic-style interiors

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Roller blinds Day - Night

Roller blinds Day - Night (otherwise known as Zebra blinds) are an innovative, modern and fashionable way of covering the windows. These blinds are made of horizontally striped two-layer fabric. One strip is made of a rare, dull, semi-transparent fabric, another strip of denser, opaque material.

By adjusting the overlap between these bands, you can reduce or increase the light flux from the field. Like the classic roller blind, day and night are controlled by a chain. The roller blind fabric curls on a tube built into the top, which is covered with a special profile and is almost imperceptible.

One roller blind with two features

These Day - Night blinds will satisfy the desires of even the most demanding customers. You have found what you have been looking: the quality, durability, and appearance that are important to you!

Functionality is the distinctive feature of these blinds. One light movement is enough to change the position of the roller blinds and a day outside the window can turn into a night at home. If you want to see what's going on outside, you don’t have to fully raise the roller blind! By changing the position of the roller blind from night to day, you get an effect that is very similar to day curtains. Therefore, you will see perfectly what is going on outside your window, but from the outside no one will see you. Thanks to this design solution, you will preserve privacy and protect yourself from unwanted glances.

Change old curtains

Curtains have recently become a boring, redundant and ergonomic interior solution. Moreover, the curtains take up a lot of space, thus significantly reducing the space in the room. Roller blinds Day - Night take up very little space, so your room will remain spacious.

Curtains are difficult to maintain, they collect a lot of dust and dirt. Roller blinds Day - Night are the complete opposite. They are extremely easy to clean and maintain. The material does not attract as much dust compared to conventional curtains. You can clean it with a damp cloth, or vacuum cleaner. Try not to use aggressive, color-bleaching cleaners.

Roller blinds Day - Night have a wide selection of fabrics and patterns. Therefore, you will definitely discover an alternative to curtains. No matter you are proponent of minimalist Scandinavian, playful or classic style. The colors and patterns we offer will suit everyone's needs.

One roller blind will replace your day and night curtains. Try to imagine how convenient and practical it is. At the same time you will update your interior.


Like classic roller blinds, these are controlled by either a chain or an electrically. There is also a child-safe chain lock, specially designed to be safe for children and not endanger them.

However, for security and convenience, we always recommend choosing a remote control. This control is extremely convenient as there are no chains or cords. It is also the safest choice for raising young children

Why choose roller blinds Day - Night?
• Day and night curtains will no longer be needed
• Luminous flux is regulated without raising the roller blind
• Suitable for various types of windows
• Wide selection of fabrics and colors
• Protection from direct sunlight
• Easy to maintain and clean

Roller blinds are rapidly gaining popularity not only in Lithuania, but also in Western Europe, the USA and other countries, where it is especially important to protect from the sun. These blinds are loved by Lithuanians for their simplicity, lightness and aesthetic appearance. They do not take up much space, so the windowsill remains completely free.

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