Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are a modern, but at the same time simple way to update the interior of the house. Their unique and stylish look will give your home coziness, make ordinary windows exclusive.

Price: from 18 €/m*

*Note: Depends on width, chosen mechanism and material.
Roller blinds Day-Night

Roller blinds Day - Night will not only protect you from direct sunlight, but will also help protect you from unwanted glances, ensuring your privacy. A wide choice of colors, patterns and strip widths will allow you to create the desired look of your home interior. These blinds are a popular choice for both modern and classic-style interiors.

Price from 18 €*

Note: Depends on width, chosen mechanism and fabric.
Roller blinds

Classic roller blinds fit nicely not only for the home atmosphere, but also for public institutions or workplaces. They greatly protect the room from daylight. It is also a fine choice for the rooms situated on the ground floor of the building

Price from 10.14 €*

*Note: Depends on width, chosen mechanism and fabrci.


Have you wondered, that Your home need blinds, that radiate warmth and coziness? Contact us now and we will help You decide which blinds would fit the best to Your interior and home or office setup

Price from 18.83 €*

*Note: Depends on width, chosen mechanism and fabric.

Insect screen mesh

Looking for effective and practical way to protect Your house, cottage or office from unwanted insects in the rooms?
Contact us now, and we will find a perfectly matching Insect meshes of Your criteria

Price from 17.38 €*

*Note: Depends on width, chosen mechanism and fabric.

Roman blinds

Are you looking for a modern, elegant and functional alternative to curtains? Then Roman blinds are your ideal choice. They stand out with beautiful, aesthetically pleasing folds of fabric. It is a modern alternative to the usual curtains; your home will become full of elegance and coziness.

Price from 80 €*

*Note: Depends on the width, chosen mechanism and fabric.


Awnings are an exterior detail that is designed to hide from direct sunlight or light rain. They are also called the folding roofs. Awnings are mostly used in cafes, bars, hotels, but also they are great for balconies or terraces of private homes. The construction of the awning is attached to the wall of the house; it unfolds without any additional support.

Price from 400 €*

*Note: Depends on width, chosen mechanism and fabric.


Curtains are the old-fashioned and the easiest way to protect your home from unwanted outside attention and to give your interior a smart looking aesthetic

Price from 100 €*

Note: Depends on the width, chosen mechanism and fabric.

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