Vertical blinds "Solar sail"

The customer in these days stands out for their demanding and rapidly changing needs. Of course, manufacturers are constantly coming to terms with this and looking for new solutions and ideas. This is how the original and stylish vertical solar sail blinds appeared. Their unique and exclusive feature is wavy vanes. The wide selection of colors of these blinds will help to create an exclusive and unique interior.

Vertical blinds "Solar sail"

Often these blinds are used to extract non-standard indoor lighting during the day. Thanks to the unique, wave-shaped strips, a unique mosaic of light and shadow will be created. These blinds will become not only a part of the interior, but also an object of fantasy education.

Therefore, these blinds are perfect for children's rooms, kindergartens, and playrooms. Creating a unique play of lights and shadows in them will bring a lot of joy and happiness to your little ones. A wide selection of colors will help them get acquainted with the new colors and their different shades in the room.


Like the classic, vertical solar sail blinds are controlled by a cord and chain. By pulling the cord, you will be able to pull the blinds to the left and right, as well as from the center to the sides. It is not necessary to push the blinds to one side or the other completely, you can lock them in any position. Thanks to the built-in control circuit you can easily change the angle of rotation of the belts. The straps of these blinds rotate 180 degrees.

Thanks to this control, you will be able to extract a unique play of light sea in your rooms,at the same time fully extracting the desired lighting while protecting you from direct sunlight or unwanted glances.

Vertical solar sail blinds have a very simple installation mechanism. Therefore, they can be mounted on a window frame, on the ceiling or in a niche. These mounting methods offer a wide range of applications. You can separate two different room spaces, children’s play and bedroom space, office spaces.

Thanks to the favorable rail control mechanism, you can hang straps of different colors and patterns on one blind. It can be a completely different color, a transition of color tones, or even different patterns. It all depends on your desires and fantasies.

Exclusive selection of straps

Looking for unique solutions you haven't seen anywhere else? Do you not only want to protect yourself from direct sunlight, but also to turn your home into colorful, playful elements? We believe that the vertical solar sail blinds will perfectly meet all your expectations.

There are 127 mm wide straps and a choice of over 200 different colors and patterns. This is one of the best deals on the market. This rich choice of shades will allow you to adapt these blinds to all your interior solutions.

The fabric of these blinds is of the highest quality. It has an indelible color, firmness and is durable. It will not only protect against direct sunlight, but will also prevent hot air from escaping from the windows. Therefore, even on a hot summer day, your room will remain unheated.

Why vertical solar sail blinds from Solemlux?
• Wide selection of shades, patterns and colors
• Easy to install, maintain and clean
• The waveform creates a mosaic of light and shadow
• Can be applied to non-standard shapes and sizes of windows
• High quality materials
• Does not fade or change shape
• Easy operation

These are the main features of these blinds. Thanks to them, they are becoming increasingly popular in both home and play or children’s rooms. Due to its practicality and functionality, vertical solar sail blinds will become an exclusive detail of your home interior. An extremely wide selection of colors and shades will open the door to an exclusive fabulous-looking style.

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