Wooden blinds

Horizontal wooden blinds are horizontally tied thin wooden slats. These blinds are made of natural wood and covered with varnish. Therefore, it is easy to maintain and clean. The slats of the blinds are resistant to sun and moisture, thanks to these properties they are durable. Their structure does not distort over time and the color does not fade; they are suitable for use even in extremely humid rooms, such as a sauna or bath.

Wooden blinds
Wood is a source of life and energy, and already known since the ancient times. It occupies a very important place in the culture of many countries. People have, since time immemorial, used wood for tools, footwear, protection, and even decoration. In today’s world, many live in apartments full of cold metal and glass structures. Therefore, these wooden blinds are a great way to bring back to the home a sense of nature that will give strength after a hard work day.


Exceptional features

Wooden blinds have exceptional properties. Due to the fact that they are made of natural wood, in winter these blinds will help to keep the heat in the house and prevent the cold from the glass entering the room. In summer, quite the opposite, the wood will not let in the hot sun heat and the house will not be too hot.

Durability is the other advantage of these blinds. They are made of thin but extremely strong wood. This high quality wood will last for many years without changing its appearance and shape. The wood is durable due to the properties of the special varnish that covers it.

Easy maintenance. These wooden blinds are extremely easy to maintain. Although at first glance, its wooden slats may look thin, they are much thicker than conventional horizontal blinds. Therefore, they are extremely easy to clean, as they are extremely difficult to break. You can clean them like normal blinds with a damp cloth, sponge or vacuum cleaner. Do not use cleaners that can damage the varnish and its structure.


These wooden blinds are controlled the same as simple horizontal blinds. You can control them with a cord and rod; you raise the blinds and lower them with the cord. The rod is designed to change the angle of inclination of the slats.

Wooden blinds ensure maximum control of light and privacy by changing the angle of inclination of wooden strips. Therefore, there is no need to raise the blinds to let in the sunlight from outside. Thanks to the adjustable angle of the wooden slats, you will be able to direct the light to the floor or ceiling. But at the same time, no one will see what’s going on indoors from the outside, so you’ll maintain your privacy.

Why wooden blinds?
• Give the interior naturalness
• Durable, undistorted slats
• Moisture resistant
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Safe for children ( do not have sharp corners)
• Keep both heat and cold

Thanks to these features, wooden blinds are becoming increasingly popular. They are applied not only in homes but also in offices or even retail premises. Thanks to the natural and classic look, it is not difficult to combine with curtains and all types of interiors. These blinds can be used in both modern and classic style interiors. They emphasize the owner’s sense of style and elegance.

These classic looking wooden blinds are completely safe for children. There is no chain in its control mechanism and the wooden slats have no sharp or pointed corners. Therefore, compared to simple horizontal blinds, they are a much safer choice in the children's room. Due to its timeless, classic image and exceptional durability, it will be able to serve in the children's room for a long time.

Wooden blinds

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