The blinds, controlled from the bottom up

Roller bottom-up blinds can solve all these problems. Exposing these roller blinds and letting in daylight won’t make you feel like you’re in an open aquarium where everyone can see what you’re doing. A distinctive feature of these blinds is that the fabric cassette is mounted at the bottom of the window, in stark contrast to all other blinds.

Controlled from the bottom up
They are operated by a comfortable handle; lifting the roller blind fabric unwinds and stops at the point where the handle stops. This way you can easily cover the selected area of ​​the window from the bottom, while the top of the window remains open. Thanks to special side-mounted guides, the fabric always stays close to the glass. Therefore, you can open the windows fully.
Perfect not only for the residents of the ground floor

Living in a city it is not always possible to choose a unique view of nature or the old town outside the window. You often have to live looking at a busy street, intense construction, garages or abandoned buildings. The bottom-up roller shutters will help in this situation as well.

Thanks to the convenient control knob, you will be able to cover the bottom of the window, so unpleasant images will not be visible. You can admire the distant architectural wonders, the natural landscape or just the sky.

Made of various fabrics

The controlled from the bottom up blinds, can be made of the following materials, such as: standard, BLACK OUT or reflecting sunlight and heat.

BLACK OUT guarantees complete darkness. This fabric reflects 100% sunlight, so even during the day the room will become blindly dark.

The fabric, which reflects sunlight and heat, will block up to 90% of harmful ultraviolet rays and reduce indoor heating by up to 85%. Thanks to this fabric, you will be able to use electrical devices in the sun; it eliminates sun reflections on the screens. At the same time, the interior is completely transparent, so you can enjoy the view from the window.

The blinds that are controlled from the bottom up together with the standard fabric, will serve as regular blinds. Depending on the thickness and color of the selected material, the amount of light entering the premises will depend. Thicker and darker fabrics will let in less sunlight. Thinner and brighter will let in more sunlight, so even when fully exposed, the room will be bright enough.

All of these fabrics have many colors, patterns, and shades. You will be able to choose from over 600 different looking fabrics. This rich selection will give you a unique opportunity to update the interior of your home or work and give it new colors, patterns or lines, make it unique and cozy.

Why blinds controlled from the bottom up from "Solemlux"?
• Made of high quality materials
• Convenient control with a handle
• Reliable and durable control mechanism
• The fabric always sticks to the glass
• Extremely low price
• Reliable protection from the sun and the eyes of passers-by
• Wide selection of fabrics and their colors
• Innovative and practical way of covering windows

The blinds, controlled from the bottom up are the choice of people who like functionality and practicality. When the bottom of the window is closed by the blind, its top remains open, so the sunlight entering the house will create a cozy atmosphere. But at the same time, you are sure to protect yourself from unwanted bystanders, thus preserving your privacy. Both sunlight and privacy are indispensable and vital to you and your family.

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