Vertical string blinds

String blinds are the equivalent of the usual, boring curtains for everyone. These are made of 89 mm wide strips that are attached to a horizontal aluminum rail. The strips are made of elegant and free-falling thin strings. These string blinds are manufactured by SOLEMLUX and will allow you to create a modern style, but cozy-looking interior. Enjoy luxurious interiors at an affordable price.

Control and installation

Vertical string blinds are controlled by a simple and uncomplicated string and chain mechanism. Pull the string to retract the blinds to one side or the other, or from the middle to the edges. You can only dim one side of the window, it is not necessary to pull them completely. Thanks to the chain, you will be able to change the angle of rotation of the strings.

Such a control mechanism will make it possible to control the flow of light emanating from the field not only by withdrawing the blinds, but also by changing the angle of the vertical strings. Therefore, you will get natural-looking lighting in the premises and protect furniture and household items from direct sunlight.

You can easily install this type of blinds yourself. The extremely simple and uncomplicated mechanism does not require specific knowledge. They can be mounted on windows, ceilings or even walls in recess. The window structure is not damaged during installation. They can also be used in triangular or trapezoidal windows, with a non-horizontal top window contour.

Choice of string blinds

The string blinds we sell have a wide selection of colors. Such a wide selection expands the application possibilities of these blinds. One part of the blind can be made up of strings of different shades. This means you have the opportunity to combine bands of string blinds of different colors. One vertical string may be gray and the other white. The customer can choose and match the colors of the strings, thus creating an exclusive and original decorating solution.

The width of the strip of vertical string blinds produced by us is 89 mm. This makes it possible to apply these blinds even to extremely small rooms. Strips of this width are perfect for both large and small windows. The maximum width of 3.5 meters of blinds will allow these blinds to be used even in conjunction with large, non-standard size windows.

Non-standard use

Because of the simple fastening mechanism, these blinds can be used to create an interior of exclusive design. These blinds are often combined in windows with roller blinds or standard horizontal blinds.

Those, who are looking for non-standard solutions, use these blinds to decorate walls or other elements of the room. Use them as a summer house door decor, or separate room spaces. It all depends on your imagination and desires.

Why Solemlux vertical string blinds?
• Wide range of colors
• Each strap may have a different color
• Very convenient control mechanism
• Modern curtain equivalent
• Suitable for extra-large windows
• Creates an exceptional feeling of coziness

Because of these properties, string blinds are used in both offices and homes. Thanks to their easy application in the interior and simple installation, these blinds are often chosen as part of the decor. Vertical string blinds are rapidly gaining popularity all over the world and in Lithuania. String blinds are a great solution if you think it's time to renovate the interior of your home.

Vertical string blinds
Thanks to durable, heat and sun resistant materials, these blinds will last a long time. While string can appear extremely thin and fragile, they certainly aren’t. They are resistant to high temperatures and are not afraid of moisture. They are easy to maintain and clean.
Vertical string blinds

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