Roller blinds Day-Night

Roller blinds Day-Night

Roller blinds Day - Night will not only protect you from direct sunlight, but will also help protect you from unwanted glances, ensuring your privacy. A wide choice of colors, patterns and strip widths will allow you to create the desired look of your home interior. These blinds are a popular choice for both modern and classic-style interiors.

Price from 25.78 €*

*Note: depends on width, chosen mechanism and material

Roller blinds Mini Day-Night

Roller blinds have the mechanism that can be attached to a window frame, wall, or even ceiling. At the top of the mechanism, there is a tube on which the roller blind fabric is wound. This fabric can be lowered and lifted, controlled by a chain. Roller blinds mini can be mounted with transparent threads on the sides. This helps keep the fabric close to the window, even on a windy day.

Price from 20 €*

*Note: Depends on width, chosen mechanism and fabric