Awnings are installed above exterior doors, gazebos or outdoor terraces, and other places where protection from direct sunlight is required. The type and mode of control you choose depends on your needs and installation options.

Awnings can be with or without a cassette. The cassette is designed to hide the fabric when the awning is folded. This protects the fabric from moisture and dust, so you can enjoy the awnings significantly longer. Also, in the folded state, the awning looks much more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, completely blends and looks natural in the exterior of the house.

Easy to adapt

Unlike gazebos, awnings do not take up extra space on the ground as they do not have any support legs. One of the best features is that when the roof is folded, it is almost invisible. Therefore, it is a functional and ergonomic choice that is at the same time a great exterior detail.

In today’s architecture, it’s hard to imagine an exterior without various facade elements. Thanks to the wide selection of fabrics, awnings become an ideal decoration of the building. A wide selection of patterns and colors will allow you to choose the look that best suits your facade. This way allows to hide from direct sunlight will meet everyone's needs.

Depending on the style and purpose of your house, awnings of different fabrics will suit them. If you are looking for awnings for a nowadays and modern style house, we recommend choosing one-color, minimalist style awnings. If you want awnings for a farmstead, summer house or old house, we recommend choosing a striped fabric that will give coziness and warmth for the house.

Types of awnings

Terrace awnings cover not only the windows, but also the entire terrace area from direct sunlight or rain. This type of awnings is especially popular in outdoor cafes, bars, and private home yards.

Balcony awnings are one of the most practical ways to hide from direct sunlight on the balcony. They are mostly used on large balconies of private homes. When expanded they have a much larger slope angle compared to terrace awnings. Therefore, it is possible to cover smaller balconies or only windows.

Showcase awnings are usually installed above shops, cafes or other service facilities. They stand out in the shape of hemisphere, often with company names or promotional texts. Awnings are ideal for hotels and restaurants in the old town.

Of course there are many more types of awnings, such as: Vertical, Cassette, Pergola, etc. Sometimes different companies give different names, making it difficult for customers to understand and navigate this market.

Why awnings from "Solemlux"?
• Protection not only from sunlight and heat, but also from rain
• Easy operation
• Made of the highest quality materials
• With rain and wind sensors
• The fabric is resistant to moisture and discoloration
• Easy to maintain
• Extremely large areas can be covered
• Wide selection of fabrics and colors

These are the unique features of awnings. Thanks to them, they are used both in the exterior of houses and cafes, old town shops or bars. This method of hiding from direct sunlight is a practical and functional choice. Awnings will give new colors and shapes for your exterior, making it a great way to update the look of your home or business premises. They provide unique, eye-catching shapes and colors.

High-quality awning fabrics are durable, non-fading color and resistant to moisture. They are extremely easy to maintain and clean, so you will be able to use our awnings for a long time and happily.

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