Sunshade roller blinds

Over time we are looking not only for new designs but also for innovative technological solutions. These solutions are designed to improve the working conditions and quality of your daily life at home or in homesteads. We do this by protecting you from direct sunlight.

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Sunshade roller blinds with screen material

This means that the blinds are fully lowered, performing the function of day blinds. You will be able to see a beautiful view through the window, but the sun will no longer blind you. You will be able to watch TV or work on a computer freely, because the special technology SCREEN material will create excellent protection against all sunlight reflections appearing on the screen.

Special screen material

SCREEN fabric is woven from fiberglass yarns that are previously covered with plastic. This technology ensures the longevity of the fabric. The material becomes UV resistant, so it does not crack and retains its original shape for many years.

Sunshade roller blinds with SCREEN material is the economical solution. The fabric hardly changes normal indoor air circulation, ensuring lower indoor temperatures in the summer. Advanced fabric production technology will save you a considerable amount of energy for building conditioning.

This SCREEN fabric is moisture resistant, non-fading, and non-flammable and has anti-mold properties. Thanks to these properties, it is widely used in both outdoor and indoor conditions. Ideal for wet rooms like: sauna, pool, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

The only disadvantage of this material is that when the sun goes down in the evening and the lighting is switched on indoors, the material becomes partially transparent. If it is important for you to hide from unwanted glances, we advise you to use these blinds together with other window coverings. You can combine together with vertical, pleated and other blinds. Also, goes well with night curtains.

Installation and control

Sunshade roller blinds from SCREEN material, like conventional blinds, can be mounted on the ceiling, window frame or on the wall above the window. The unique features of the SCREEN fabric and the wide range of mounting methods make it possible to expand the range of applications for these blinds.

Control can be of 3 types: chain, electric or spring mechanism. In our opinion, the most convenient and if you have children, the safest way is remote, electrically operated blinds. This method of control has no chains or cords and is therefore safe for children, there is no need to physically go to the roller blind in order to lower or raise the roller blind fabric, all you have to do is press a button on the remote control.

Why sunshade roller blinds with screen material?
• Blocks up to 97% of direct sunlight
• Guarantees light transmission in your premises
• You can see the view from inside through the window even when the blinds are lowered
• Eliminates light reflections on the TV or computer screen
• Resistant to moisture, mold and heat
• SCREEN material does not fade
• Suitable for all roller blind mechanisms

Thanks to these features, sunshade roller blinds from SCREEN material are becoming a popular way to cover windows. It is a great and economical solution for an office space, work, entertainment room or any other space that requires gentle twilight and protection from direct sunlight.

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