Roller blinds Mini

Roller blinds mini are for people that are looking for the best price-quality ratio. This is already tried and loved way of covering windows. Undoubtedly, the popularity of a product is determined by its distinctive features. Roller blinds mini is a combination of unique design, modern technology and aesthetics, which will not only complement the interior of your home, but also provide excellent protection from dazzling sunlight and provide more privacy.

Roller blinds Mini
Roller blinds mini stand out at an attractive price. They are mounted without a cassette to hide the wrapped fabric. They are designed for small and medium-sized windows. This is the cheapest way to cover windows with a modern and aesthetic look. Just create a cozy atmosphere in your home or work environment!
Wide selection of fabrics
Roller blinds mini stand out with an extremely wide selection of fabric colors, patterns and materials. We give you a unique opportunity to choose from more than 600 different fabric options. This rich selection will allow you to adapt the blinds in every interior. You will finally be able to realize your fantasies and dreams at an affordable price.

High-quality and durable fabric does not fade, does not change its shape over the years. Some fabrics are resistant to moisture. These fabrics collect significantly less dust compared to conventional curtains, so you can clean the blinds less often. They are also easier to clean. Because they have a simple fastening system, you can easily remove and clean them. You can clean it with a wet cloth, sponge or cool water. Do not use aggressive, discoloring cleaners.

Before choosing a roller blind fabric, we recommend you to find out your needs and goals. A wide selection of fabrics can lead to confusion when choosing blinds. Therefore, we will help you choose the right fabric.

First of all, decide the density of fabric you need. Thick dense material will let in much less sunlight, making the rooms darker. This may require the use of electricity. Thin and sparse fabric, on the contrary, will let in more sunlight, so even when the blinds are exposed, minimal light flow will enter the room.

<Secondly, just think of the light or dark color you will choose. Dark-colored fabric will also significantly reduce the amount of light transmitted, making the rooms darker. A light-colored fabric will let in more light, so even if you cover the windows, the room will be bright enough.

And the third, consider the patterns. We have both dark and light fabrics with patterns. It all depends on the existing interior of the room; try to match the blinds with the existing lines and colors. Roller blinds mini will help to get an aesthetic, pleasant and attractive look in your home or office

Why roller blinds Mini from "Solemlux"?
  • One of the cheapest window coverings on the market
  • High quality materials
  • Durable product
  • Easy to control the amount of light in the room
  • Protects against unwanted glances, provides privacy
  • Easy operation
Roller blinds mini are one of the cheapest and most practical ways to cover windows. They are designed to cover small and medium-sized windows. The benefits of roller blinds in homes and offices have long been accepted. They not only protect the premises from direct sunlight, but at the same time provide more privacy and protect the premises from heat. Also, it’s a great detail of the interior. A wide selection of fabrics and patterns will ensure that everyone will find the right blinds for them.
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