Roller blinds for plastic windows

Roller blinds for plastic windows, also known as cassette blinds. They will provide an opportunity to quickly and easily update the interior of the premises. They are valued not only for their functionality, but also for their aesthetic, almost imperceptible control system.
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Roller blinds for plastic windows
Plastic windows in Lithuania are the most popular choice of these days. It is therefore not surprising that people who have bought plastic windows are looking for something to cover them during the day and night. Roller blinds for plastic windows are one of the most commonly chosen ways of covering windows. It is practical and at the same time not requiring large investment in order to hide from sunlight or the surrounding gaze during the dark hours of the day.
Roller blind instalation

Roller blinds for plastic Windows are attached to the window frame. The roller blind fabric curls on a tube at the top of the window, which is hidden in a cassette. The wide choice of cartridge colors will ensure that the roller blind control mechanism blends in with the contours of the environment and the window. It will look aesthetically pleasing and orderly.

Roller blinds for plastic windows are always mounted together with a special guide. This ensures that the roller blind fabric will always stick to the glass. Even in the wind, the roller blind material will stay snug, so it won’t be scary to open a window. This method of installation is distinguished by the fact that the window frame is not damaged during installation.

The big advantage is that such a system takes up very little space and is therefore almost unnoticeable. The windowsill remains completely free, so you can continue to store flowers, items or other home decor items.

The choice of fabrics

Roller blinds from SOLEMLUX use only the highest quality materials. These fabrics hardly attract dust and do not fade at all. Therefore, roller blinds for plastic windows are durable and will serve you for a long time.

A wide selection of colors and patterns will allow you to update the interior of your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment, roller blinds for plastic windows go well with classic curtains. You can also choose blinds of several different shades, which are also easy to match.

Always consider the predominant colors in your interior. But don’t forget the functionality as well. Choose the right fabric density. The dense fabric will not let in sunlight at all, rarely the opposite. The color of the fabric is also important.

Blinds of darker colors and shades for plastic windows will block more sunlight, making the room darker and cooler. In a light shade, the blinds will retain a much smaller amount of light, so the room will have a cozy atmosphere.

Whether light or dark, both types of roller blinds for plastic windows provide excellent protection from the surrounding eyes and provide privacy.

Control is safe for children

Roller blinds for plastic windows have a simple control mechanism. All roller blinds are simple and easy to operate. Pull the roller to one side to lower the shutters and pulling in the opposite direction you will raise them. It is simple and ingenious.

SOLEMLUX takes care of your little ones. We understand that it is sometimes difficult to control them. Roller blind chain can be very dangerous for young children. While playing, children can unconsciously get entangled in a chain, and this can entangle around their neck ...

Therefore, roller blinds for plastic windows have an additional chain lock, which is safe for children. It is a reliable and safe way to avoid disaster.

Automatic control is another safe way for children. This method of control has neither chains nor cords. Roller blinds for plastic windows are controlled by remote control. This method is extremely convenient and safe.

Why blind for plastic windows from "Solemlux"?
• Protects from the sun and provides privacy
• Easy to maintain and clean
• Easy installation
• You can change the roller blind fabric yourself
• Made to your measurements
• Wide selection of fabrics and colors
• Convenient control mechanism
• Safe for children

Renovating the interior with new blinds will enliven the home or office environment. You will give the rooms new colors and coziness, you will protect yourself from direct sunlight. Roller blinds for plastic windows are a way of window decor with functionality and originality. Now the best way to buy roller blinds!

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