Roman blind

Roman blinds are popular and a favorite. Thanks to a wide selection of fabrics, you can apply them in any room, to any interior. Lightweight, translucent fabrics for day curtains, as well as dense opaque fabrics for night curtains can be used to sew roller blinds also.
A wide selection of fabrics and finishing elements allows the Roman blinds to be applied in different interiors. They are used both in the home environment and in offices or small shops. This choice of fabrics will allow you to improvise and unleash your imagination, so you will have a unique opportunity to create an exclusive home interior.


By their nature and functionality, the Roman blinds resembles roller blinds. With the help of a special control system, they are folded into elegant pleats that are 20 to 30 cm wide. When the Roman blind is folded, its fabric converges into one fold. The pleat, depending on the chosen installation method, will be above the window, or simply in the window frame. Roman blinds are comfortable and ergonomic choice as they take up significantly less space than simple curtains. Therefore, you will preserve the feeling of space in small rooms.

SOLEMLUX roman blinds are made only from the highest quality materials. They are easy installed and have a unique control system. It is very easy to hang and unhang the fabric of the Roman blinds, so you can clean it or just replace it with another one at any time. As with roller blinds, the roman blinds have two control options. The first is the usual way with a chain or rope, the second is the remote control method.

Roman blinds can be mounted above the window, on the wall, in a window niche or simply in the window frame. Thanks to the simple and widely applicable fastening methods, every customer will find the right way for them.

Exclusive choice of fabrics

One of the main features of the fabric is that it is easily removable from the mechanism. Therefore, if necessary, you will be able to easily hang and wash the fabric. Or maybe, just get tired from the long-used fabric, and replace it. Many customers use a rarer, more translucent fabric during the winter. In summer, on the contrary, most people use denser blinds that are more protective from sunlight and heat. In this way, additional protection from direct sunlight in the summer and renews the look of the home interior.

There are more than 15 different types of Roman blinds known. They vary in style, pleat size and layout. Also, you can sew Roman blinds from at least any curtain material. This means that Roman blinds can be made of rare translucent or opaque fabric, in a variety of patterns and colors. We think this is a way to cover windows that you can adapt to at least any style. From classic to modern interiors - everyone will find the right solution for them.

Before choosing a fabric, always think about what the purpose of the novel will be. Hide from the eyes of passers-by and have more privacy? Darken the room in blind darkness, or just a little? Therefore, choose the fabric according to your needs.

Why roman blinds from "Solemlux"?
• Protects from direct sunlight
• High quality mechanism
• Wide selection of patterns and colors
• Possibility to fit at least any curtain fabric
• Convenient and easy operation
• Wide selection of accessories
• Adapts to various interiors
• Takes up little space
• Easy to remove and reattach, making it easy to maintain and clean

Each of us, at home or at work, wants to create a unique and distinctive interior. Roman blinds are an ideal solution for those looking for original, elegant-looking window coverings. It is a way of combining functionality and modernity. Taking advantage of the unique features of the Roman blinds, you will create a cozy, unique and warm-looking interior that you will enjoy every day.

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